Or this?


Isn't it time for real package security?

Protect your packages from PORCH PIRATES with a secure parcel box.

Gift Certificates available!  Perfect for Christmas

No more worrying about package theft or its ugly cousin identify theft while you are at work, running errands, walking the dog, or even on vacation.  Retrieve your packages from your own secure parcel box - at your home or business, at your convenience.  


Porch & Package specializes in the sale, installation, and service of secure parcel boxes, parcel chests, and in-wall package drop vaults to protect your goodies from Porch Pirates.  Local inventory - one call for quick installation in the Fort Collins area.  We come to you - no contact, outside demonstrations.

Most people think it’s all about package theft and weather protection,

but it’s also about convenience and peace of mind.

Contact us today for our free information booklet: "Porch, Pirate, & Package News” or for a free no-obligation parcel box demonstration at your home or business in the Fort Collins area.


See what it looks like on your porch!

Did You Know?

Secure parcel boxes are used by FedEx, UPS, Amazon, Walmart, DHL, and yes, even the Post Office (USPS)!  Read about it in the FAQs.

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Online shopping is the Future.  Make Porch Pirates a thing of the Past!

Why wait?  Porch pirate activity increases during the holiday season.  

One call to Porch&Package does it all.

See how quick and easy it is to get your own parcel box:

1)  Call or Email

Contact Porch&Package for free information and to schedule a demonstration.

2)  Test Drive

"Test-drive" parcel boxes at your home or business with a

no-obligation demonstration.

3)  Install

Professional installation by Porch&Package

(included in price)

4)  Enjoy

Enjoy the convenience 

and peace of mind that comes with a secure parcel box on your porch.

Why Porch&Package?

  • Personal, responsive, local customer service

  • One call does it all - sales, installation, and service 

  • “Test-drive” parcel boxes at your home or business

  • Local inventory for super-quick turnaround

  • Several parcel box models available - we did the research and testing

  • Parcel boxes are first inspected by Porch & Package

  • Professional installation that goes above-and-beyond (click here for details)

  • Fort Collins small business

  • For you, no hassles with:

    • finding the right parcel box

    • returns or warranty claims

    • finding an experienced handyman/installer

    • waiting days or weeks for the parcel box to be delivered

    • waiting for days or weeks to schedule installation



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