Why parcel boxes?  Why now?

  • Porch Pirates.  Package theft.  Weather protection.  Identity theft.

  • Consumer shift to online retail sales (eCommerce).

  • Increase in "last-mile" package deliveries to homes and businesses by private carriers.

  • Increase in package theft by Porch Pirates, resulting in an immediate financial loss, delays, and major hassles.

  • Your packages are a target.  Fight back with a secure parcel box!


Why Porch&Package?

  • Personal, responsive, local customer service

  • One call does it all - sales, installation, and service

  • “Test-drive” parcel boxes at your home or business with our mobile demonstrations

  • Local inventory for super-quick turnaround

  • Several parcel box models available - we did the research and testing

  • Parcel boxes are inspected before installations

  • Professional installation - we handle everything

  • Fort Collins small business

Our process is simple.  See how easy it is:

1)  Call or Email

Contact Porch&Package for free information and to schedule a demonstration.

2)  Test Drive

"Test-drive" parcel boxes at your home or business with a

no-obligation demonstration.

3)  Install

Professional installation by Porch&Package

4)  Enjoy

Enjoy the convenience 

and peace of mind that comes with a secure parcel box on your porch.

Camp Fire

The Old Way

  • Not so simple. 

  • Research / Purchase - First, the customer spends time researching parcel boxes on various websites and makes a purchase decision without even seeing the product in person or what size packages fit in it. 

  • Delivery - Next, you wait for delivery, which can be a few days for small parcel boxes and between 7 and 21 days for larger ones.  Delivery is usually to the curb and not to your door, porch, or garage. 

  • Inspection / Returns - When the box is delivered, the customer inspects it for damage and desirability.  Returning a larger parcel box is not an easy proposition because of their size and weight. 

  • Research installation options - If you decide to keep the parcel box, you would next research local handymen, schedule appointments to get quotes, and select one.

  • Schedule installation - Finally, schedule the installation, which could be days or weeks away.  And you might get charged extra for their time and effort to get the correct tools and hardware.


The Porch&Package Process

  • Simple - Call or email us for more information or to schedule a demonstration at your home or business.

  • Test-drive - Our mobile service arrives with samples of our parcel boxes so you can see how each model works and looks on your porch. We also bring Amazon packages to show what fits inside.

  • Professional installation - Our basic parcel box installation includes a pre-installation inspection, delivery to your porch, all mounting hardware, professional mounting, directional signs (2+2), and a 2-year limited warranty on the installation.

  • Quick turnaround - We can usually deliver and install your new secure parcel box within a day or two, sometimes sooner.

  • For you, no hassles with:

    • finding the right parcel box

    • returns if product arrives damaged or you don't like it

    • finding an experienced handyman/installer

    • waiting days or weeks for the parcel box to be delivered

    • waiting for days or weeks to schedule installation



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