Allux Bjorn

Price:  $729 installed ($619 sale)


It’s not all about package and identify theft.  It’s really about convenience and peace of mind.

A charmer with even more room, the Allux Bjorn is a larger top-loading parcel box that will keep your medium-sized packages safe from thieves and out of the rain and snow.  It has a clean, professional, stylish exterior that will look great in front of your Fort Collins area home or business.  

The Allux Bjorn is floor-mounted either as a freestanding unit or against a wall for added stability.  It features a heavy-duty Ruko cam lock and has a motion-activated LED light above the package slot for easy retrieval at night.  Two buttons are located inside the mail retrieval door to adjust brightness and duration of the LED light.  The delivery driver does not need a key or a code to drop a package inside.

This parcel box is typically installed on a concrete patio, pad, or walkway; and it can be secured against a wall.  It can also be mounted on the bare ground as a freestanding unit using a galvanized mounting base (sold separately) to anchor the parcel box into the dirt.

Contact us today for a free information booklet or a demonstration.  See how it looks on your porch.


  • External dimensions (inches, ht x w x d):  43 x 16 x 14.5

  • Largest package size (inches):  12.5 x 5.25 x 14

  • Weight (lbs): 50

  • Construction: 19 gauge galvanized steel

  • Mounting:  Floor-mounted (free-standing or against a wall)

  • Color:  Black powder-coat

  • Included:  Allux Bjorn parcel box, installation hardware, directional signs (customized), 4 AAA batteries for LED light, 2 keys

  • In-stock in Fort Collins



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