Deposit Vault by dVault

Price:  $899 installed ($759 sale)

Price with Pedestal: $1129 installed ($959 sale)


Collection Vault by dVault (includes plastic bin)

Price: $949 installed ($799 sale)

Price with Pedestal: $1179 installed ($999 sale)


The best home improvement you can make this fall!  It’s not just about package and identify theft.  It’s really about convenience and peace of mind. 

If you have extra large packages, higher-value items, or several deliveries at a time, the Deposit Vault by dVault is a great choice.  Maybe you live in a rural area?  No problem.  Put a secure parcel box out by the road to keep you packages safe and dry.  Commercial building?  This is the one!

The Deposit Vault provides a higher level of security for extra large packages.  It is made of thick 16 gauge galvanized steel with a commercial-grade powder coat finish.  Hinges are stainless steel.  It can be mounted on an existing flat surface in a free-standing manner, against a wall, or within a column.  Porch & Package can also pour a small concrete pad for custom installations.

This secure parcel box can hold several parcels and packages in cases where you have a lot of deliveries or will be gone for an extended period.  The package retrieval door can be setup to open from the front or the back.  A large plastic collection bin is available, and your Deposit Vault can be ordered with or without a 10”  high steel pedestal.

NOTE:  The Collection Vault is the same as the Deposit Vault but includes a large heavy-duty plastic bin to collect parcels and packages in the secure storage area.  Otherwise, dimensions, colors, and door options are the same.

The delivery driver does not need a key or a code to drop a package inside this box.  Contact us today for a free information booklet or a demonstration.


  • Package retrieval door: front or rear 

  • Colors:  Black, white, gray, sand, and copper vein

  • 10" pedestal

  • Plastic collection bin


  • External dimensions (inches, ht x w x d):  40 x 19 x 19
    (add 10" to height for pedestal)

  • Largest package size (inches):  17 x 9.25 x 12

  • Weight (lbs): 87

  • Weight with pedestal (lbs): 115

  • Construction: 16 gauge galvanized steel

  • Mounting:  Floor-mounted (free-standing or against a wall)

  • Included:  Deposit Vault parcel box, installation hardware, directional signs (customized), 2 keys

  • In-stock in Fort Collins: black, copper vein

Made in USA!



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