Full Deposit Vault by dVault

Price:  $1189 installed ($999 sale)

Price w/plastic collection bin:  $1239 installed ($1049 sale)

Make porch pirates a thing of the past!  Put a secure parcel box on your porch to keep your packages safe and dry.  The best home improvement you can make!  

The Full Service Vault by dVault has it all!  A USPS-approved mailbox on top complete with the official US MAIL stamp and flag.  The bottom section has the same specifications as a Deposit Vault, so it can be used by any private carrier (e.g., FedEx, UPS, Amazon) and by USPS postal carriers as well.

If you have extra large packages, higher-value items, or several deliveries at a time, and want just one receptacle for both US Mail and package deliveries, the Full Service Vault stands alone.  Maybe you live in a rural area?  No problem.  Put a secure parcel box out by the road to keep you packages safe and dry.  Commercial building? Home-business?  This is the one!

The Full Service Vault provides a higher level of security for extra large packages.  It is made of thick 16 gauge galvanized steel with a commercial-grade powder coating.  Hinges are stainless steel.  It can be mounted on an existing flat surface in a free-standing manner, against a wall, or within a column.  Porch & Package can also pour a small concrete pad for custom installations.

This secure parcel box can hold several parcels and packages in cases where you receive a lot of deliveries or will be gone for an extended period.  The package retrieval door can be setup to open from the front or the back.  A large plastic collection bin is available.  

Since this is a USPS-approved receptacle for incoming and outgoing mail, we will coordinate with the local Postmaster on location issues for curb or roadside applications.  Contact us today for a free information booklet or a demonstration.


  • Package retrieval door: front or rear 

  • Colors:  Black, white, gray, sand, and copper vein

  • Mail signal flag available (red)

  • Plastic collection bin available


  • External dimensions (inches, ht x w x d):  48 x 19 x 19

  • Largest package size (inches):  17 x 9.25 x 12

  • Weight (lbs): 115

  • Construction: 16 gauge galvanized steel

  • Mounting:  Floor-mounted (free-standing or against a wall)

  • Included:  Full Service Vault parcel box, installation hardware, directional signs (customized), 2 keys

Made in USA!





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