Porch&Package has secure package delivery options for every need, including products for home, business, and rural applications.  Several styles and security levels to choose from. Package sizes from small to XXL.  Local inventory for quick installation.  We've done the homework and cut through the confusion to offer only the most desirable products based on quality, selection, and value.  


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Things to consider:

  • How secure is the parcel box against Porch Pirates?

  • How easy is it for the delivery driver to use?

  • What package sizes will the parcel box hold?

  • How many packages will the parcel box hold?

  • What’s the best value to match my needs?

  • Can I see it before I buy it?

  • Is installation included?

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Parcel Boxes

A secure parcel box is a metal storage locker that is usually placed near the front door of a residence or business or possibly at the road for rural applications.  Instead of packages being left on the porch and vulnerable to porch pirates and the weather, the delivery driver simply places your packages in your secure parcel box to be retrieved at your convenience.  Parcel boxes have mechanisms to prevent Porch Pirates from reaching inside.  The delivery person does not need a key or code to drop a package in the box.  Packages that go in the box, stay in the box!

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Parcel Chests

A secure parcel chest is a floor-mounted box with a top that opens.  These can hold very large packages.  The delivery driver simply places packages inside, closes the lid, and pushes a button to lock it.  No key or code is needed to put a package inside. Let Porch&Package help with your Porch Pirate pest problem.

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Coming Soon

In-wall Package Drop Vaults

An in-wall package drop vault has a metal door that is mounted flush on an exterior wall, such as a garage or entryway.  The delivery driver simply pulls the door open and the package drops securely inside.  Stop Porch Pirates for good, your good.

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