Winfield Large Parcel Chest

Price:  $399 installed ($339 sale)


You give up things when you get a secure parcel chest.  Things like worrying about porch pirates or waiting for the delivery driver.

Parcel chests are a great choice for XXL packages.  Winfield makes two sizes of parcel chests - medium and large.  We stock the large size, which is a few inches larger in all dimensions than the medium chest, for immediate installation.  We can also get the medium size but, given the price similarity, the large size has proven to be more popular.

Using the box is very simple, just leave the lid closed but unlocked.  The delivery driver lifts the lid, drops the package inside, closes the top, and locks it.  All the delivery driver needs to do is simply push the button on the lock to lock it.  The delivery person doesn’t need any keys or codes.  We make it even easier by providing custom signage to show directions to the parcel chest and how to lock it. 

Porch & Package stocks the large parcel chest shown in the pictures for quick installation locally.  We can easily obtain and install the small size chest if desired, but a few more days are needed for shipping.  Price and figures below are for the large size.

Contact us today for a free information booklet or a demonstration.  See how it looks on your porch.

  • External dimensions (inches, ht x w x d):  25 x 22 x 17

  • Largest package size (inches):  20 x 19 x 13

  • Weight (lbs): 40

  • Construction: 19 gauge galvanized steel

  • Mounting:  Floor-mounted

  • Color:  Off-white powder-coat

  • Included:  Winfield Large Parcel Chest, installation hardware, directional signs (customized), 2 keys

  • In-stock in Fort Collins



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